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A life of shoes!

Jan. 4th, 2012 | 09:38 pm
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Over the last few days I've been moving back to Sheffield as term time starts again *boo* 

On the up side, I now have the room to work on fabric heavy cosplays!

I only managed to get away with one evening of using the long table at home, so I spent that making my fiancés Syaoran cloak from Tsubasa. It's not exactly finished so I'm not all that ready to put pictures up for it yet.

If anything my attention has been strongly directed towards something that often goes neglected - SHOES!

Seriously, if you go to a con or cosplay event you will find that the most common inaccuracy to the costume in question is the shoes. Some people try, for example uniforms expect smart black/brown shoes, and they usually go for something appropriate. But if it's something a little more obvious to notice then I quickly begin to tear my hair out inwardly, for the number of boot cover tutorials out there are immense, and can be made from the smallest scraps of fabric. Ebay sellers have also upped their game in the past year, and you can pretty much find anything, even on cosplay goods vending sites which are not ebay. They can be pricey, but again, you have the budget version of boot covers which can also look incredibly sexy on your pins.

Anyway, now that I have my camera lead back, I'll upload progress pics!

Pair 1:
Bought from an Ebay seller...they smell kinda funky in the way that fake leather does, but I'm hoping to purge this somehow. They're a bit long so I'm also expecting them to rub the back of my calves a little bit, but all in all they should do the job!

Also, I would have liked them to at least go over the knee, but I think the proportioning between the boots and the skirt would have been a bit odd, so I'm happy with them as they are for now.


Pair 2 (final judgement)

I found this pair in TKMaxx with my other half, and after a lot of complaints on his part, I finally managed to convince him that I would be able to get the correct paint job. I would just need a lot of layers. I hate how the camera makes it look a lot worse than it is! but I went around without being the typical perfectionist that I am (which can be seen on the next pair) as I can correct it later.

So far its not too bad.

Pair 3:

I'm starting to love these pair mainly because I found the base by accident, and I think I still need one more coat and a bit of tidying up before I start putting the studs on. These are so much better than my first pair, which is probably why I prefer to mod through paint jobs rather than fabric.

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Final Judgement Cosplay Update

Dec. 29th, 2011 | 10:09 pm

Today I went shopping for fabric now that the hype of the sales has died down. 

This is my current project. This particular battle costume is worn by Sakura during the final judgement against Yue and the recurring dream. It's also seen to be worn by the plushie of herself on her bedside. I've not seen this worn by anybody at an event, or even online which is a shame, because it really is a cute and iconic costume of the series. I can also get away with using either the Clow or Star staff :3

Here's a look at the fabrics I bought, though taken by a crappy phone camera. In person it looks spot on and the pink drapes really well. I bought two different types of fabric for the bodysuit; a pale calico/cream colour for the body and a slightly darker shade for the sections around her legs. The reference image above isn't true or consistent to the anime series itself, as the laces are coloured wrongly, so I used screencaps from the series as my references.


I also bought a pattern for a basic bodice with princess seams, since I wanted it to look as though it had been pulled from the screen! but this means I will have to extend it to make it into a full bodysuit and lengthen the sleeves. It will fasten down the back through a zip, so lets hope I've got someone handy if I need to go to the bathroom!

The socks will be bought from a shop on ebay. I've already found them but I have yet to actually buy them. For the shoes I've bought some trainers which look similar from TK Max, and I will be repainting those. I'm hoping to test out my new wig that i got for christmas with this costume too!

The scarf is being covered by my Mum, since I'm not that great at knitting, I always seem to drop or gain stitches, and with a scarf this long, I'll be in for a world of trouble with it so I left it to her. It's approximately 1/4 of the way along at the moment and will have fuzzy pom poms at the ends.

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Dec. 29th, 2011 | 01:00 pm
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I last made an entry nearly a year ago even when I told myself I'd keep on top of it u.u 
But anyway, a new year brings new resolutions. So I'll do my best to keep this updated in my 'cosplay quest'

For those of you who dont know, I began cosplaying back in 2005/6 and I haven't looked back since. I love to construct and wear, and feel like I'm someone beyond what I am in daily life; girl with magical powers/giant mech/cute and fluffy familiar to magical girl or whatever floats your boat. I LOVE pretending that I'm someone else, if only for a day, and the reactions of others towards you. At the same time you get to be wowed and constantly on the look out for costumes which makes for a fulfilled cosplay event.

Anyhow, cosplay is amazing and if you dont have the necessary sewing skills, there's always a way around that so that you can be part of the fun.

I'll start off with the cosplay events I will most likely be attending this year. Others may be added, but that comes down to what is happening at the time:

Feb Midlands MCM
October London MCM

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Jan. 18th, 2011 | 08:10 pm

 Today my gloves arrived for my second intro outfit. Theyre a pretty champagne colour and the correct length. Theyre also shiny but I dont think a little bit of satin kills the entire costume like it would if it was ALL satin...I'm never making that mistake.

I'm not really sure how to do the little...erm....floofy bits at the top. normally I'd use pinking shears but theyre a lot more choppy and like mountain peaks rather than rounded off. I dont want to risk a good pair of gloves.

In other news I'd like a bit of help. I'm looking for the electronic bandai Sakura book. I know it could take a while to find one in good condition (I found someone selling but they'd damaged a card that they'd bent then burned it with an iron. She was asking for 260 dollars at the time which i would have been willing to pay if there had been no damage)
So yes, ideally I'd like to get it for my 21st birthday which is in June. I bought a knock off version at Amecon because I just really wanted a pink set and they were cheap, but I REALLY want the book. All other books are bootleg and as far as I know they only released the pink electronic version. I wouldnt mind the movie set where you have the pouch and the star key.

If anyone has any information about commissioners of the star key (which are decent. I've seen some diabolical ones around today) I'd love to hear from you!

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Hair bobbles!

Jan. 15th, 2011 | 09:45 pm

 Just bought some hair bobbles for Sakura. The red spherical ones which she's often seen wearing. I've been looking for them for years and they just turned up on ebay...well, the American one but you cant always win.

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As promised, updates!

Jan. 14th, 2011 | 11:45 pm
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 So I haven't exactly started making anything yet, but the buying and selecting of materials is always an important part of constructing a costume, as well as thinking of how everything is going to be put together.

There's been a bit of a change of plan, instead of shadow lugia being something made immediately for Ayacon, I'll be making a second Cardcaptor sakura costume as seen here:

Before I started my course I underestimated how little time I'd have to spend on my costumes, let alone one as big as Lugia. But maybe it's just as well because I dont know very much about the venue. Either way it will be done. I just dont know when. It'll be easier to do it next year when we get the house, that way I'll have more room to do it in.

So yes there will be a new sakura costume added to the list. I do intend to do them all at some point. 

I'm not really sure why I chose this one. I mean it looks pretty cool and I've only seen about three different sets of images. It needs more love and I'm more than happy to give it some. This costume has always been ebay bought as well (looks exactly the same as the ones I've seen with the same mistake of the little metal panels coming up as white instead of grey) and the skirt always looks really...limp. I just know it can be done better!
The other reason I picked this one was because there was a sale on at the fabric shop near by, and my boyfriend spotted some pvc which would be perfect for it, and it was on sale for around £2 per metre. There was some hot pink (thinking the rubber pink kitty costume) but I think it was a bit too bright. I'll see if I can find something a bit softer, if not I know where to go.

I'll probably make the shoulder panels out of foam for the sake of simplicity and I'll have to mutilate an xbox headset. If anyone has a broken set let me know!

I'll leave you with images of my pretty fabric for the second intro and for the umbrella one. They were taken with my boyfriends phone camera so they aren't great and might not be true to the actual colour, but trust me theyre perfect :3

Three umbrella images, as well as foam for my second intro crown.

second intro fabric! as well as elastic and two bells for Richards Syaoran to be finished. We also got some tassels for his sword.

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Hello all :3

Jan. 10th, 2011 | 06:47 pm
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With the New Year comes change so I thought I'd make a brand spanking new (please dont spank me!) journal! It's mainly so I can log my cosplay progress and make new friends and chums on the cosplay/anime/manga scene.

At the moment I'm working on the second opening outfit from Cardcaptor Sakura as seen here:

Its absolutely gorgeous but often overshadowed by the third and first intro outfits. I'm not sure why, maybe because they're simpler to make? Either way I'm determined to do this one justice - If the staff arrives.

My boyfriend ordered one for me which was custom made by someone based in Puerto Rico. Theyre beautifully made and unique from other clow staffs ive seen before, but it still hasnt turned up yet. I messaged the maker and apparently they must have been lost over the holiday period. But he's sending another free of any extra charge and is covering shipping! Yay!!! I just hope it gets here in time for MCM Midlands.

With the new year I do have a resolution and a very bad habit to kick...

I never take photos of my costumes. At least not good ones.

Most people tend to take theirs out for a photoshoot, and I can only ever say that I've had one costume have nice photos taken of (by The Weird One) and it made me realise how much I'm missing out on! so I'm going to do my best to have a mini photo shoot of my costumes and stick them up here.

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